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Przemyslaw Szymczyk

Lodz, Poland

If You have any questions regarding my works or you're interested in commissions feel free to email me.

Masz pytania, interesuje Cię współpraca bądź zlecenie - pisz śmiało :)

Archive for February 2012

Another one in 28mm. More pics here.

Finecast, so a lots of bugs to fill and reshape. And looong painting :)
More images here

Poledancer - third one. This time with base.
More pics here

Third one. More photos here

 Citadel Finecast - damn, I thought that "fine" is synonym to "good". Maybe it stands for 'F... It, Numberous Errors". I know people who are making a lot better castings at home. GW, MAKE IT BETTER!
More pictures of mini here

A little progress...

Just started with this cool-looking mini. Right arm shading is half-done :)

Look what the cat dragged in - my SWS will be featured in february issue of czech "Modelar" magazine. Niiice ;)

Some old GW stuff and Thunderbold Mountain's elvish knight - really awesome sculpture. 
Now - paint time!