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Gallery updated - painted version of my recent sculpture can be seen here, and here you can buy casted one

Dodałem do galerii pomalowanego Maryjana. Jakby ktoś chciał to tutaj można kupić odlew ;)

I added Uncle Meat SBS to tutorials section - enjoy! :)

Dodałem SBS-a z Mięsnym Wujkiem. Do obejrzenia w niezwykle rozbudowanym dziale poradnikowym ;)

                                                            I've updated figure gallery with 30mm Mermaid from Kabuki Models - more photos here  

W galerii figurkowej nowa dziewoja - 30mm Syrena od Kabuki Models - więcej zdjęć tutaj

New sculpture - 250mm Jack Palance bust. For sale, with rights ;)
More photos

Ulepek nowy - popiersie Jacka Palance, 250mm. Do sprzedania, z prawami ;) 
Więcej zdjęć

I also added some pics of 30mm Mary Sue - I completed this vignette some time ago, but forgotten to add photos of it ;)

Dodałem też kilka fotek 30mm Mary Sue - skończyłem ją jakiś czas temu, tyle że zapomniałem wrzucić zdjęcia ;)

30mm Butch figure from Miniature Factory, with scratchbuilded zombies. More pictures in gallery

W galerii coś nowego - Butch od Miniature Factory z lepionymi zombiakami. Więcej fotek tutaj 

New creature for sale, with rights to reproduction. Fits into 40mm base, and it's lovely More pics in gallery - click on photo ;)

Do sprzedania, z prawami do kopiowania. Tanio, sprawnie i bezproblemowo. Więcej fotek po kliknięciu z miniaturkę ;)

Another one from fimo, miliput and gs - more photos in gallery (click on picture).

Tytanowy Janusz - kolejna figurka ulepiona (fimo, miliput, gs). Więcej fotek po kliknięciu na zdjęcie. 

I finally finished Leviathan from DreamForge Games. Really big stuff :)
More pictures in gallery

Udało mi się w końcu skończyć Maleństwo. Więcej fotek tutaj

I've sclupted this fellow - it's a big demon in 30mm scale. Made from Fimo and Miliput. More pics in gallery - click on photo

Ulepiłem koślawca - na imię ma Złowieszczy Marian i jest okropnie złowieszczy. 
Więcej zdjęć w galerii - klik w fotkę

Prizes from Model Contest in Cracov:
Six honorable mentions, best 1/72 wheeled vehicle award (Star 660) and best SF model/figure award (Brandy)

Krakowski Festiwal Modelarski - udało mi się osiągnąć osiągnięcia:
6 wyróżnień, nagroda za model kołowy 1/72 (Star 660) i puchar za najlepszy model/figurkę SF (Brandy)

Figure gallery updates (click on photo to go to the gallery):

1/9 British Tank Crewman

70mm Anubis, Lord of Envy (boxart for Kabuki Models)

Infinity - Meteor Zond

PS.Chce ktoś tutorial jak zrobić psa w 1/35? Mam, mogę wrzucić ;)

Yesterday I've returned from Warsaw Model Fiesta - great show in our capital city. I also took a tour around city and recieved a ticket from police ;)
Byłem ja na Fieście, we stolicznym mieście
dałem do wiwatu, sto złotych mandatu 

And here's my "trophies" - 4 honorable mentions, award for best AFV model, and Grand Prix award - for Uncle Meat figure
Nagród nawiozłem:

See you next year Warsaw! - hope this time without tickets ;)

I've updated AFV gallery with 1/72 STAR 660 vignette. Great resin kit from ToloLoko

There's also new 1/35 figure in sculpture gallery - Bren Gunner, for IBG Bedford kit

I added 2 new figures to gallery - 30mm Steam Knight, it's a box art for Kabuki Models, and Morvahna the Dawnshadow, new Privateer Press mini. More pictures in gallery.

Dodałem dwa nowe malunki do galerii - 30mm Steam Knight, box art dla Kabuki Models, i Morvahna the Dawnshadow, nowość Privateer Press. Więcej zdjęć po kliknięciu na fotkę

Just added this guy to sculpture gallery. 1/35 scale, fits into IBG kit, available from ToRo Model. Photos here

Dodałem do galerii ulepków tego osobnika. Skala 1/35, pasuje do modelu Bedforda z IBG. Komercyjnie osiągalny w  ToRo Model
Zdjęcia tutaj

Just finished - kit from DML, stowage, figures and base from scratch. More photos soon :)

Skończone - model DML, bambetle i reszta od podstaw. Wkrótce więcej zdjęć

Some new publications:

1/72 D9R appeared in french "Steel Masters" - issue 117

1/35 "Sons of Anarchy'43" was featured in issue 150 of spanish "Hobbyworld" magazine:

1/35 Vskfz 617 can be found in issue 08 of "135" mag:

30mm "Mary Sue" in issue 29 of "GameForces" magazine

And 30mm Brandy in hungarian "ProModell":

Hello, long time no see ;)
I'll try to update more often.
Firstly, I'll added a butterfly to 54mm Alice figure, more photos in gallery

Also in gallery you can now find some photos of 1/35 "Sons of Anarchy'43" vignette

I also finished Infinity's pack:

and this ATT in 1/72 - i'll soon add more photos to the gallery:

Kabuki's Alice finally finished. Gret model, fun to paint. More photos here 

Alicja gotowa - zdjęcia tutaj 

What a suprise :)

More info here

Się nie spodziewałem że taki kurdupel może coś ugrać. Gratulacja dla Przemka za trzecie miejsce. Polisz pałer! ;)

Women, can't get rid of them, can't live without them! ;)
I've just finished Miniasture Factory's Mary Sue in 30mm scale, and currently I'm working on lovely Kabuki's Alice in 54mm - is't about 90% done. Both of them soon in the gallery

My VsKfz 617 is featured in latest Tamiya Model Magazine International. Good ;)

I've moved to new apartment, installed old-new workbench and I can back to work - so, expect updates :)

I'm inviting everyone to Torun in June - great contest, great atmosphere!


Organised by:
Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Twórczej i Aktywnej Młodzieży „Pestka”
Tomasz Kmieć
Paweł Siemiński
Information address:

Supporting and promoting show are:

Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna
Kagero Publishing
TVP Polska – Oddział w Bydgoszczy
Polskie Radio Pik

22/23 JUNE 2013Where:
Address: Przedzamcze 12, Omega Gallery (the centre of the Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage site)

Show is organised to allow figure painters and sculptors too meet and chat, exchange experiences etc., and also to promote figure painting and sculpting as a hobby and art.
In ordinary categories no age division is planned, there is special category for young participants.
There will be no admission fee.
In the competition, works submitted will be judged according to like-not like style (that means there will be no rigid, point based judging system)
No accommodation or food is organised, but there are many hotels and restaurants in Toruń, especially in Old Town, close to the Show site. Some suggestions could be given at later date.

Some new special awards and sponsored categories could be announced later

Plan of the Show:

Doors open to the public from 9am to 7pm (Saturday) and from 9am to 3pm (Sunday)
Saturday 22.06.2013
9-14 Works admission
14-16 Judging of submitted models
16-19 Exhibition
20:00 Meeting

Sunday 23.06.2013
9-15 Exhibition
15:00 Awards Ceremony


F1- Foot figure BEFORE 1900 SMALLER THAN 60MM.
F2- Foot figure BEFORE 1900 LARGER THAN 70MM.
F3- Foot figure AFTER 1900 SMALLER THAN 60MM.
F4- Foot figure AFTER 1900 LARGER THAN 70MM.
F5- Mounted figure TO 60MM
F6- Mounted figure FROM 70MM.
F7- Busts
F8- Fantasy figure SMALLER THAN 54MM.
F9- Fantasy figure LARGER THAN 54MM.
F10- Vehicle fantasy (all scales).
F11- Junior category (Participant no older than 15 years old)
F12- Paper figures (all scales and subjects)

Special categories:

V1- Figure only Vignettes (all scales)
V2- Land Vignettes (all scales)- Minimum 2 figures + vehicle
V3- Sea Vignettes (all scales)- Minimum 2 figures + ship
V4- Aircraft Vignettes (all scales)- Minimum 2 figures + aircraft

D1- Land Dioramas (all scales) - Minimum 3 figures + vehicle on scenic base
D2 - Sea Dioramas (all scales) - Minimum 3 figures + ship on scenic base
D3- Aircraft Dioramas (all scales) - Minimum 3 figures + aircraft on scenic base

If some categories would not gather interest, they could be removed, and some new ones could be added if enough models will be submitted.


Andrea Miniatures Awards – for the best figure from Andrea Miniatures
Best Sculpted – for the best original sculpted figure ( Magic Sculpt)
Best vehicle in Polish Service - IBG MODELS
Youngest participant - Mirage Hobby
Pod But - Koszaliński Pluton Modelarski Award
Best Knight - for the best knight figure ( Adalbertus)
Best Polish figure - ( Adalbertus )
Best Oil Painting - best shaded with oils ( Blik)
Best Acrylic Painting - best shaded with acrylics ( Vallejo )
Best weathering project.- Ak Interactive awards
Mrb.Models- for the best Diorama
Best Fantasy Figure - Grajfer
Best 32mm- Enigma Miniatures
Grand Prix- Galeria Antyków Piotr Kmieć
Best Vignette - Blitz Workshop
Scibor Monstrous Miniatures – Special award
Visitors Award (voting)